Have you visited an ethnic grocery store lately. I can tell you it can be fun outing. There much to experience – there is the smell of spices and new foods to discover. For heartburn sufferers it can be a great place to pick up new culinary ideas.

If you are willing to learn how to prepare new dishes this can be an exciting experience. One thing I’ve noticed in many of these larger stores is more emphasis on fresh foods and long aisles of spices. This is a very good way to get out of the rut. By that I mean the comfortable fallback of quick to prepare meals in a box.

I suggest you take a look at this as a way to bring some excitement into mealtime and use it as a way to segue into a healthier meal plan. A meal plan that includes more plant foods is a path that leads toward a heartburn cure.

Heartburn and the dream of a cure can get derailed with the enticement of bountiful supermarkets. Other cultures have a long history of fresh food markets while the in the US that has given way to a massive array of processed foods. A concept that has reshaped eating habits in just a few generations.

This has led to aisles of colas and chips and processed foods. Each of these products are constructed of compounds of chemicals that have no value for the human body but actually work in a bad way by forcing the body to use reserve elements to eliminate them.

Ethnic stores, at least until they become westernized, offer new foods for those looking for balance in their diet. Introducing ethnic influence is a way to make up for deficiencies like calcium and omega-3 in today’s diet. These can be found in sea kelp and cold water fish, among other sources.

The balance I’m talking about is these foods should be a frequent part of a diet, not only the above examples but a full variety – plant foods, dairy products, carbohydrates, fish and herbs. It’s these foods that offer a way to balance body acid and work as a cure for heartburn, an escape from self-sabotaging habits of over indulgence.

By this I mean that variety and balance hold the key to curing heartburn, even if food is not the primary cause of heartburn pain. The cause of this discomfort and many other ailments that can flourish in an overly acidic environment. It is the non-acidic foods that hold the key and can only be effective through balance and variety.

Though variety is good effective foods can be found mostly in fresh produce section. Each vegetable, each piece of fruit has a special profile that makes it essential. Taste, texture, shape and color are identifying characteristics that are a reminder of wholesome nutrition. Strongly colored skin is an indication of these very healthy flavonoids.

Try it and see if you can make balance and variety a cure for your heartburn.

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