I am what most would call a hands on trade kind of person. I have always had jobs that required a lot of manual labor. I was forced to remove myself from such labors about ten months ago (mainly health issues there were other contributing factors but the main one was health). I thoroughly enjoyed my love for physical labors from the early days of (Plant nursery, Car detailing, body builder, aerobics instructor to the more recent cabinet installer my own kitchen and bath company to designer and even more in between. So to say that the change to the internet world was a challenge is an understatement. At any note this threw my whole world in a complete tip see direction.


Not having a clue where to begin, my first realization is learning to redirect my physical energies into my brain and computer. I am sure newbies and entrepreneurs alike would agree that this is a challenge in it’s self. I can not reiterate enough how slowing down ones body after going 110 MPH for 45 years of running met some serious challenges. My high volume of physical energy was preventing me from slowing down my brain which prevented me from much needed productive work. I was trying to move so fast to get as much done as I could get done but totally missed the quality over quantity concept. By applying my productive work first in the day, Advertising, response builders, PRIORITY STUFF. I was then free to take on my three T’s My Time to read – Time to Research – and Time to Apply or ACT all the creative things that will be your long term rewards.

Once this objective is overcome there is a certain sense of gratification. As long as I remained a scatter brain I was limiting everything! Preventing me from getting anything of immediate $ VALUE done.

Using ones brain brings on a whole new realm of possibilities that each of us must explore and overcome at our own pace. Creating a productive time was crucial. A time where I spend my most alert fresh efforts on building momentum. Forward movement. Productive time benefits are not seen right away, but in the long run are one of the most crucial objectives. Once the energies are properly channeled. We must now convert our methods of madness into an organized systems. This allows us to build our other components Dream boards- E-books- Discovery time, in a more relaxed frame of mind, a more creative frame of mind. Without the fear of not getting your productive work out. You AGAIN are able to explore all the endless opportunities out there not only for the financial reward but the emotional and physiological rewards as well.

It is through determination and persistence that we can succeed. If by chance I die before I get to the top at least I know I died trying to get there. I know the opportunities are there. I have to catch up to them. It’s about doing good. It’s about discovery of self so we can be a good contribution to society. GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND ANYTHING WE CAN DREAM UP FROM OUR RECLINERS IN FRONT OF THE TV.

Among some of my the more recent studies, I have found that our knowledge base is key to advancement. I began with such books as The Secret, The Passion, Think and Grow rich, As a Man Thinketh all of these are valuable tools for anyone. The discovery of one self goes only as far as WE choose to grow.

When WE get to the TOP WE are to hope that WE can bring as many people UP with US as the money WE make! This is an article of encouragement and experience. These objectives started off as obstacles. Realizing that objectives are more easily overcome than obstacles removes any pressure that your subconscious may attempt to push on you! You will have a sense of direction and satisfaction of knowing YOU did it.

There are critical differences between what are your desires and what are your goals.

Seek and go find!

Prosperous Blessings to ALL,

Bunny Parkinson

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