There has been a fitness craze going on in America for the past four decades, since the invention of disco music people have been looking for new and entertaining ways to maintain their figure through a vigorous and lively routine. The latest workout that has been growing in popularity is the sometimes sensual pole dance. New York City in particular has seen a number of studios opening up for instruction on how to use a pole to gain a full body workout and exercise the muscles in ways that weight training at the gym just cannot compare to.

Through stretching beforehand and after, women and men are finding that can exercise their upper torso, legs, and buttocks through the rigorous routines that have them twirling upside down and hanging from a pole with only their own strength to keep them from falling. Combining the grace and style of ballet with the heart pounding rhythms of club mixed music people throughout New York are discovering the aerobic and anaerobic routines that are strengthening their core and allowing them to express themselves in ways that they might not normally do in a traditional gym.

Under the guidance of professional trainers and instructors classes are held that teach the novice how to properly approach the pole and use it manipulate the body as it is contorted and wrapped around the structure. Being suspended by only the legs and reaching back for the floor, some of the more intense exercises require a great deal of focus and strength to lean backwards from a height of four feet and then pull yourself back up to grab the pole using only your abdominals to power through the movement.

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