It is now generally accepted the world over that the universe has laws and rules of her own by which nature dictates life on earth. Somebody once said that the game of life is a game of ‘boomerangs’. He said that the thoughts and ideas in our minds end up as our words. What we say, in turn, brings forth real things and issues that we experience in real life. That all the thoughts and ideas in our minds dictate what we say is becoming a reality.

Out of a man,s heart flow all the issues of life. As a man thinks, so is he. Man also speaks from the overflow of his heart. All of the above statements only serve to show us that what a man thinks is what he says; what he says is what he ends up doing. Repetitive action by a man forms his habit and habit forms character. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us at one point in life with surprising accuracy.

Thoughts have energy or life; they give birth to become real things or situations. Whatever you think about constantly will come right back to you as mind is the master power that molds things in life. Remember what was said earlier that words follow what is already in the mind; and as you keep saying it, things begin to happen for real. That is how moment by moment your thoughts begin to recreate your reality, your real physical world. We often ignore our ability to think and speak, yet it is this very fact that separates humans from other animals. Humans have intellect, the ability to think and this can be both a blessing and a curse; the choice is yours.

Those who have learned to control what enters their minds, to shape their thinking, and know how to truly focus on their goals end up with great success in life. Their language is tailored to positively help them achieve their goals. No negative words would pass through their lips. They never say things or think thoughts that go contrary to their aspirations or goals in life. The universe willingly obliges them and these things begin to show up in their lives right on schedule, and that is what the ‘boomerang effect of life’ is all about.

Add love, compassion, gratitude, a heart of giving; and watch your life begin to take a 180 degree turn for the better. People think it is impossible, not worth the trouble to try and change the way they think and talk. They fail to realize that every time they utter something negative, it is reinforcing a reality that they do not desire. It affects their lives.

Start thinking empowering thoughts, speak kind words, commit to do compassionate deeds, be a generous giver and notice the positive effects it can have on your life.

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