Network marketing has been around almost as long as the internet. Multilevel plans, pyramids, anything that can be bought, sold, traded, or financed has found its way online. It has gotten to the point that the majority of internet users see anything that is offered, posted or referred to as a scam. I am no different, I to have seen things come down online and have done research, been very skeptical, or have taken the belief that if it is too good to be true then it probably is. The scammers, and frauds have destroyed peoples belief in others.

Think about it, if I told you that you could earn a residual income and save money on natural gas and electric what would you say? You saying it right now, “Yeah, right!” or ” What’s the catch?”. This is why people with integrity, honesty and caring find it so hard to offer people a way to save. Not because it’s a scam or that you will have to sign a long term contract that may require your first born child. It’s because somewhere in all our technology we have lost faith in people.

If I post that business XYZ is a scam, then it must be true, I googled it! The truth about most of those pages that swear up and down that a certain business is a scam are selling something else. We have been conditioned to look for the negative before anything else. If someone, somewhere, at sometime has either had a problem with a product or was treated less than the center of the universe after screaming on the phone at the first person they talked to, they will post that business XYZ is terrible, however, they have become involved with company ABC and are now making money beyond their wildest dreams.

The truth is, regardless of what company, business, or any other venture you embark on, do something you believe in. We were all there once. My significant other and I have taken our share of ventures, lost money on scams, been bamboozled ( sorry, I like that word), and flim flammed by con artists on the internet that have promised the stars and moon, then a ton of money later, we had nothing to show for it, except for an empty checkbook and credit cards that were maxed out.

When you look around the internet, find an honest company, a good track record, and a real product. When I say real I’m referring to moving everything out of the garage and basement and spending a small fortune on filling those places with boxes of things then worrying that you have to sell everything before winter to get the car in the garage. A tangible product such as energy works great and there is zero inventory.

I say that because this is what we found works for us, we help friends, neighbors, an even strangers save on their bills everyday. We have joined a team with honesty, integrity, and respect, it’s up to you to find what we have found and help others. That’s what life is all about, touching others lives an showing them that good people still exist.

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