I hate to say it, but I’ve been letting myself go in recent years. I used to hit the gym regularly and was always in great shape until a few years ago. Then work, kids, and the day-to-day grind pretty much took over my life. Before I knew it, I had packed on an extra 15 pounds. To make matters worse, I had no energy or motivation to drag myself to the gym anymore. Still, I had to do something, so I started by checking into the whole “shape-up shoes” trend that began with Masai Barefoot Technology.

In case you don’t know, Masai Barefoot Technology pioneered the whole rocker bottom shoe movement way back in 1990. This type of shoe has very thick soles and a rounded heel, making them rather unstable — which is the point. Because of the inherent instability of this footwear, you’re forced to constantly use your muscles to balance yourself properly. This is supposed to help people burn extra calories without overexerting themselves. MBT shoes by Masai Barefoot Technology are the most popular brand, but other manufacturers such as Skechers, New Balance, Clark, and even Reebok have gotten into the act. This is a good thing, because it obviously means more choices for consumers.

Anyway, as I said, I started reading about the Masai Barefoot Technology rocker bottom shoes and thought they sounded like a terrific way for me to ease back into a fitness routine. I might not have been keen on going to the health club, but maybe I could at least burn a few extra calories each day simply by wearing different shoes. And yes, MBT shape-ups are far more expensive than regular cross-trainers, but at that point I was desperate for anything that would get me moving.

At first, my new Masai Barefoot Technology shoes felt a bit awkward. They’re noticeably different from regular shoes (which is of course the point) and took some getting used to. But once I got accustomed to walking in them, everything was fine. I could feel the extra strain in my calves and glutes, so I was hopeful that I would see some good results soon. After a few months of use, I realized that MBT shoes weren’t going to help me lose lots of weight, but if I started dropping weight from more serious cardio exercises, I’d probably stay nice and tones by using rocker bottom shoes.

Overall, I do have to say that I’m pleased with my purchase. My Masai Barefoot Technology shoes got me back on the fitness track and helped me discover that the way to a healthier body doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition right from the start. Oftentimes, baby steps yield longer-term results than anything else, and that’s what I’m hoping for here. If you’re looking to effortlessly burn some extra calories on a daily basis, then MBT shoes will do the trick!

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