An elliptical workout is just like an ordinary exercise but only demands few additional preparatory steps to get maximum benefit. There are certain things you should know before using an elliptical trainer. These involve everything ranging from your physical capacity, kind of food to have, your foot ware, your clothing, the warm ups needed and some of the machine issues which need to be considered like adjustments of resistance level, inclination, stride length and program etc.

Before starting any workout you should assess your physical ability to do so. You should have a deep know how about your health in terms of your breath rate, effects of aerobic and anaerobic exercises on your heartbeat, how much physical exertion you can bear and other similar parameters. At this stage, when you are about to start your workout, it be highly recommended to consult with your physician in order to get a thorough insight into your physical capability. A physician or a fitness trainer may be the best person to guide and inform you about the frequency and intensity of workout you can and you should have in order to stay healthy instead of getting a muscle cramp or fatigue due to over accumulation of lactic acid.

This advice is crucial before starting any workout in case you have been through any muscular injury in recent past or have been through any heart or lungs disease. Heart patients, aged persons, pregnant women and smokers should not start any kind of workout without the advice of their doctor in order to avoid any complication. One can think of starting a low level easier workout but if passing or have been passed through any of these phases, one has better to consult the expert.

The kind of food you should consume also plays its role in determining the after effects as well as performance during the elliptical workout. One should not consume food having very high calorie content before a workout. Similarly, it should not be the other way round, i-e, one should not start a workout session with an empty stomach. Having some juice is advised and drinks with higher caffeine level are usually asked to be avoided before and after the sessions.

The clothing and foot ware plays their role in their own way. The dress should be comfortable, neither too loose nor to tight. Foot ware should be enough jerks absorbent to reduce the level of thrust your joints receive. It will be a mere foolish act not to consider this while preparing for your work out because the salesman told you that this particular type of elliptical equipment has much lower level of thrust than the traditional equipments. Obviously it has, but you have to make it work for you.

The time span of your workout should be preplanned rather pre-discussed with some expert. This will help you in completing a healthy workout without gasping and you will be able to maintain the steady flow for a longer period.

As a last word, before starting an elliptical workout, you should know your own strengths and weaknesses very well to get the best out of your fitness sessions and to measure the degree of improvement.

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