The President of the United States of America is very open to signing our freedom and rights forever away to form a one world government to be run by our failing banking system. If we as citizens don’t rise up and act, freedom will be a word our grandchildren will never know.

The NWO will be a devastation to our way of life. We will become the second holocaust!! There are prisons newly built standing empty and ready to be filled with “We The People”. All those who resist the NWO will be arrested and placed in permanent detention without being charged with a crime. The current administration has collected the power to do this to us.

The majority of water rights in the USA have been sold to foreign investors that could care less if we have water. Collecting rain in barrels will be against world law. All water and water rights on our soil will revert to the government. We will not be able to shower unless the government approves it.

What about electricity? There is a new smart electric national grid in the works. It sounds great to those who loose power during storms. Does it still sound great knowing the government controlled electric company can and will cut you off with the click of a mouse if you don’t conform to new laws?

Food will become impossible to obtain during Martial Law. We could be put under Martial Law because of H1N1 Swine Flu. If National Guardsmen are blocking the roads off telling you to go home and stay there, how will you feed your family for more than 2 weeks? Most people live from paycheck to paycheck. How will you buy groceries if you can’t get to work to earn money because of Martial Law? We are on the fringes of this. Plus we will have to purchase these things directly from the world government.

A Survival Vegetable Garden is in order. You must act fast to procure the necessary seeds and equipment to produce a garden capable of feeding a family indefinitely.

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