If you are new to balance exercises and you are looking to purchase a wobble board then this product is exactly what you are looking for. It can help you get an idea about how they work and it is a great fitness instrument that can help you perfect your balance. This balance board is very affordable, because of the materials it is made of, nevertheless the results you get from it are outstanding.

The product, unlike the other boards, includes two different degrees of challenge. As a beginner you should start with the lowest difficulty and switch to the second one as soon as you feel like you want more out of your physical exercise session. The two difficulties also allow you to use this product for various reasons. For example, you can use it for losing weight, for shaping your core muscles and other groups of muscles. Wobble boards are used for rehab from foot or lower back injuries, thus the lower difficulty can help you recuperate faster and gain your balance in no time.

Another amazing feature of this product is the lifting system. You can choose to lift the board up higher so that it is harder to maintain your balance, making it ideal for more advanced balance training that can help with many different types of sports.

Overall, it is an ideal fitness instrument to have in your home. It is lightweight and small so you can store it and move it anywhere around the house. It is affordable, convenient and it really helps train your balance while keeping your body toned and in great shape

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