Nice phone you have there, but is your mobile cell phone a Razr II and is it the 24 Carat Gold Edition? If not, then you cannot call me anymore. Who would buy such a cell phone you ask? Well, they are all the rage amongst the Chinese Elite and the Hollywood Moguls. They cost more than a Nobel Peace Prize, not just anyone can have a limited edition Motorola Razr II with 24 Carat Gold and snakeskin wrap.

The contest for who has the coolest and most exotic mobile cell phone are over and the clear king is the Motorola Gold Razr II, although a few of the owners of this limited edition are putting diamonds on the key pad in order to make sure that you know that you pressed the right button in case you are in the dark and are blind and cannot see the key pad light up? The Register reports:

As a special bonus, the special edition Razr 2 comes complete with a black-slate Motorola H680 headset with 18-carat gold accents and a patent leather carrying case…

In the old days people would judge others by their shoes and their wrist watches, today, most of the elite wears New Balance and not everyone wears a watch anymore, after all Cell Phones tell the time too. When it comes to mobile cell phones, if someone pulls out a Limited Edition Gold Motorola Razr II, well you know who you are talking to. You are talking to a someone. Sincerely, Lance.

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