“In the Beginning, there was the word,” this quote embodies the context of this article. It states a simple truth; our words, like those of the Creator, are powerful. When they have the power of the energy of thought intention behind them, they manifest. “In the Beginning,” they manifested the Universe. They are powerful creating tools of manifestation, especially when they have the power of the energy of intent behind them.

As an example, if people had begun to call me, “Princess Di (Die),” I would have asked them to stop immediately. It is, after all, a sentence that became a chant that became a reality, proving that “There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” When words and the energy behind them are powerful enough, they manifest, bursting in on the illusatory screen of “reality,” manifesting into the thicker energy we call matter.

To point, as long as we continually rehash our “stories” and dramas, those situations and the embedded qualities and belief systems that drive them will perpetuate and recycle in our lives and our personalities. Aspiring to becoming from the blank slate that is NOW is much more desirable. From that blank space, the possibilities to be created are infinite. Create a new you, a new world, a new Youniverse, reconstruct the past.

The words “I AM” continue to solidify who and what we think we are into reality and hard wire it into our minds and bodies and perhaps our spirit energy. Then, when we judge, that judgment is the final catalyst that solidifies it into reality on our illusional matrix. For example, when we see something new, we decide “good” or ” bad.” Without a flexible mind, whatever that decision is seems to stick, and, from then on, it is either “good” or ” bad.” Continual judgment of this materialization makes it more and more solid, more and more “real,” until it may become extremely difficult to dissolve and resolve.

Reality as we have known it is presently dissolving into a new and better one, like scenes on a movie screen. This will continue with or without our assistance or resistance. To move forward into the New Age and New Thought, it would be wise of us to stop living in fear, rejoice and embrace the wonderful and unique transformation we are manifesting for the very first time in human history. Let the Old World go. It no longer serves. It is rather like coming out of the Dark Ages into the Renaissance, only, history will no longer repeat itself. The forces of evil have been sealed off from this world. Nostradamus’ predictions as well as those of Edgar Cayce will no longer become reality. 2012 is a year of joyous transformation, not Armageddon or doom.

This world of human experience is not real. “Real” does not die, what does not die is energy. It changes. Spirit is energy. This reality is made from energy. Therefore, Spirit, intelligent energy, as per quantum physics, is what’s real.

As long as we continue to say how the economy is bad and reiterate all the negativity in the fear-based media, whose purpose is money, it will be so and will create blockages to slow the inevitable coming of the future changes in our world, ways of life and our old ways of thinking that are now falling away.

This “falling away” of the Old Order is a good thing, although fear of the unknown is understandable. Some chaos, the storm before the dawn, is occurring due to this fear of the unknown, resistance to change and the desire to cling to the familiar no matter how hellish. However, when it is done, we will all wonder why we did not open to accept sooner a more tranquil and loving world. Shifting with the world, aligning with the change and the dream of an Age of Peace and return to ancient wisdom will hasten and welcome the New Dawn with love and acceptance, moving out of materialism and fear and into love and peace. I think a good quote with which to end this piece is,” When you find out what’s worth keeping, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.”

Peace be with you in your Youniverse, Say the Word, “Love.”


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