One thing that is quizzed about the New Balance 760 is what distances suit it best, this sort of question can only be analyzed after reviewing all the points and what it does well. Once you understand what features it has it’s much easier to classify it as a short, medium or long distance running shoe. To really grasp what distances this running shoe is good at I would advise you read the whole article.

The first feature that helps this running shoe with its distances is the Abzorb Strobel Board that runs across the entire length of the running shoe. What this does is maximize shock absorption and comfort within the trainer. This is a must for any trainer that is suited to medium distances or longer because naturally you will need cushioning and lots of it to cope in the long run and not having enough can hinder your progress heavily.

Now on the midfoot there is also a stability web which is used to control the feet and its stability to help give you balance when you land incorrectly, or twist your feet upon impact. Many people that have run in the New Balance 760 have said how light it is for a stability running trainer and that they are impressed by the flexibility. This is all down to the stability web that is placed on the midfoot which uses lighter materials than on previous versions.

N-ergy technology in the heel possibly offers some of the best shock absorption currently on the market and drastically helps people who are suffering from knee problems. Having this shock absorption will then again help with cushioning and again assist you when you are doing medium distances.

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