Recently in the news a story read; New Lobster Species found in the Indian Ocean. Well it was not confirmed if it belonged to the lobster family, but as far as I am concerned such findings should not surprise anyone. The reason being that this particular find was a lobster like creature about 6 inches long and did not have eyes and was white in color or blonde as they say; yellowish.

We know from undersea cave exploration that all sorts of white creatures and new species live down there and most do not have eyes, as it is pitch black, so rather they use other means to sense their way around. Also we know there has been much disruption in the Indian Ocean with Earthquake waves and undersea ocean waves, Tsunami like which could have pulled such a creature hundreds of miles from its home.

Perhaps it was white without pigment, but changed to a more yellowish color when light came onto it. Or perhaps it lived near an undersea vent, which spewed out a certain chemical turning it that color. In any case we should never be baffled or startled in finding life on Earth of new types or on other world’s for that matter. Such an adapted species probably fulfills its undersea sea cave niche quite well and that is why it is that shape and evolved design and why it is blind and blonde. Consider this in 2006.

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