Today, it is nor rare to hear that some universities have lowered their admission requirements for celebrity students, such as a pop singer, a film star, or an Olympic medal winner. Though many people do not approve of the tendency, I maintain that it is a wise move on the part of universities for it will reward celebrities for their contribution to our country, encourage other students to work hard, and enhance the universities’ reputation.

Firstly, if a celebrity has made significant contributions to our society or country, it is understandable that a university lower its admission requirements to reward the individual with the opportunity of receiving higher education. It goes without saying that many people rise to fame for brilliant achievement in a certain field. Whether it is breaking a world record in sports or winning an international award in filming, they deserve respect for their accomplishments and bringing honors to our country. In this case, when they have proved their potential and apply for a learning opportunity, why should universities shut them out simply because they have lost a few more points in the entrance examination?

Secondly, celebrity students can be positive role models for their fellow students. There is no denying that successful people are often tough nails with strong personality. Few celebrities are exceptions: many of them are self-assured, hardworking, and persevering. Their stories of success can stimulate fellow students to follow their example and get ahead in their own chosen fields. Take Liu Xiang for example, who won the gold metal in the 110 meters hurdles of the 2004 Olympics, which has been the first gold medal for Asians in the Olympic tract and field. Just imagine how proud you would be if he became your schoolmate and how excited and encouraged you would feel at the thought of learning with him on the same campus. Would you still complain that your university lowered its admission requirement unfairly in that case?

Thirdly, universities can also enhance their reputation by enrolling certain celebrity students. For one thing, since celebrities are always the targets of various media, their studies and life on campus will easily become the hot topic of journalists, and this will in turn gain publicity for the universities. For another, celebrity students can win more honors to their universities by using their advantages in various competitions between schools.

To sum up, bending the rules for the talented candidates benefits the favored individual, the student body, and the university. Therefore, I agree that universities should lower admission requirements for celebrities.

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