Since its release in June of this year, Apple have seen the latest addition to their ever popular iPhone range prove a great success with consumers. The iPhone 4 brings users an exceptionally functional product coupled with a brand new design.

Admittedly the Apple names itself is enough to sell most products, however the iPhone 4 proves it is worthy of its popularity with a range of features which exceed what can be found on any other handset.. The latest version operating system has been released to coincide with the iPhone 4, and this is also teamed up with a brand new processor which makes the already speedy iPhone even faster. This new A4 processor is the same engine that runs the impressive iPad. Thanks to its 1Ghz size, using the phone is a pleasure. The rate that the phone flicks between applications is extremely fast, and the extra power is great considering the new multi tasking features that are on offer. Instead of now having to exit a function in order to perform another task, the phone now stores the task you are currently performing before it exits. This allows the user to return at any point by double tapping the home button, which in turn reveals a most recently used app menu from where you can select which task you want to resume. There are also more subtle changes that the chip affects. Pictures taken on the camera are now much more instant, with a far reduced gap between pressing the button and the picture being taken. The ios4 software also includes a handy new folders option, which means similar applications can be placed together under one heading, for example productivity or camera. This not only makes items easier to find but also keeps the homescreens tidier.

The new A4 chip in the iPhone 4 also offers improved power management, which alongside the improved battery offers marked improvements in terms of battery life. The handset now offers improvements of around 25% over the previous iPhone 3G. Whats this means to the user is that the phone can last around 300 hours in standby. If you use the handset of an audio player you can expect about 40 hours worth of music. 3G talktime will give you results of around 7 hours. The battery life is also beneficial considering the range of multimedia features on offer, including HD video capture and two cameras, one of which is an impressive 5 mega pixel affair.

The perfect balance of looks, functionality and features means that the iPhone 4 is the perfect mobile phone.

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