Some true Christian believers in a New World Order, a growing number of them in fact, are “Dominion Theology” folks. I’m sure it is only coincidental that the company that helped steal our major election is named “Dominion.” But the philosophy behind these “theologians” is just as faulty and just as dangerous.

That philosophy which is stealing the hearts of millions of believers is the idea that Christians are world changers, conquerors of all the areas of human life and thought. Christians, they say, are to be leaders in every imaginable field of endeavor. Finance. Recreation. Business. The Movies. Everything.

They are in fact to take dominion over all humans in the name of Jesus, then present to Jesus a perfect world when He returns.

No. That’s not true. But you see how globalism even enters the hearts of God’s people and makes them join hands with other globalists, especially Globalist number one in the “Christian” world, the Pope of Rome.

Jesus called His people to a cross. He called them to suffering. Poverty. He called them to bring others by the foolishness of preaching, into the Kingdom. We are aliens here, looking for a city. We are on a pilgrimage, asking others to join with us in our trek to the heavenly Canaan.

None of that changed in our generation. Those that have followed this dream have gone astray and will suffer great loss, if they are saved at all. Some have joined us thinking the Christian walk is a power play, a way to show off human talents and call it spiritual. A way to “be me”, to glorify flesh, to reach my own personal “destiny” and life goals. Me. Me. Me.

It is not the way of Jesus, this Dominion thing. And it’s been around for decades. If you count Rome’s power plays, it’s been around for centuries! It will fail.

No. It has failed. Is the world better today after all these attempts by so-called Christians to conquer it “for Jesus”? From the Crusades to the mega-congregations of our day, how has society become better and more fit for the return of Christ?

Whether Dominion voting machines or dominion theologians, all attempts by man to manipulate God’s plan will end in awful darkness and shame. Come out. Be separate. Take the offence of the cross on your own shoulder. Suffer shame for His Name.

Dominionists and their friends in Rome may reset history indeed, but Christ will not be in it. Christ suffers alone in yon Garden and on yon hillside. Those who love this Christ, not the fake one being promoted by media and microphone, will go outside the Camp and suffer with Him.

By the way, two true prophets are coming. Only two. They are mentioned in the book of Revelation. They lived once on earth. They never died, but they have an appointment with death and will keep that appointment before a watching world.

These men will teach the truth to God’s people that are left in the world at that time. Precious few. They will also announce truth, we assume, to the world, and accompany their teachings with miracles. As all true prophets they will be hated by the world and worldly believers. Hence their death.

Do any of our modern prophets fear for their lives because of their sugar-coated and mostly false utterances? Show us the scars, and the true miracles and power that accompany true prophets of God.

Oh yes, Paul said we may all “prophesy.” The word of God does indeed find its way into our hearts and then our mouth-gates. And most effectively, those words come from the words of the apostles and prophets of old, found in your Bible. Let the Word of God flow in this way.

But don’t confuse this with the message of the man of God that is straight from heaven. Two men will wrap up prophecy at the very end. Until then, best to pass on these Holy Scriptures to our generation.

For those who know well the Scripture, there will be no great shock when the “beast” of Revelation takes the reins of the new world order and makes it his own personal plaything.

I wonder what the “Dominion” Christians will do then?

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