One very big mistake of a lot of people and of course that include me, is that we are easily persuaded by advertisements for sports shoes but what we do not know is that the pair of shoes that they athlete is actually wearing has already been modified and have been custom made for the athletes that are promoting them. Let’s face it, if an athlete does really well, more and more people would actually want to imitate their look and of course, have the pair of shoes that they are using.

So what do you really need to look for training or sport shoes? First you need to look at the sole of shoe. If you are indoor sports type of person, you would need a pair of shoe that has a very good grip so that you can prevent injuries that are caused by slipping and falling. Second, you need to look for a pair of shoe that will protect the whole area of your feet especially the ankle area. This feature would highly depend on the type of sport that you are playing. Basketball shoes tend to have a higher cut that running shoes because basketball players need that extra support on their feet because they jump more and they do a lot random movements.

Lastly, you need to look at the cushions of the shoes. This is very important because a lot of sports require you to jump round and also move in all directions. Most sports generate a lot of impact so you need to have a shoe that has very cushions so that you do not put a lot of added strain to your muscles which will result to injury and also muscle aches. Cushions will also make the pair of shoes a little bit more comfortable.

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