A truly enlightened spiritual teacher or just good writer and collector?

Even Oprah Winfrey is delighted about his books. She don’t just read his books, but also advertise them loudly. A man from Germany has become a spiritual teacher for thousands of people all around the world. But what has he done so special? His books “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth” are best sellers. But if his books are selling so well, does it mean that indeed they bring men towards the light?

We can ask a question – why do his books are so popular? In this time, when human race observe the weaknesses and worthlessness of so popular values – money and power, people are seeking for something else. Different men for ages have been searching the answers on spiritual questions. And actually Eckhart Tolle does not write something new. As he admits, he has combined the best from different teachings. He is quoting such great teachers as Jesus, Mohamed, Buda and many others. And books of their teachings unfortunately stand in lower shelf.

But he really has done very significant thing. He writes in language, which is clear for people and which is audible in the noise of our days. People have become too lazy, they do not have enough free time, or just they do not have enough knowledge to understand the words of prophets. And Eckhart Tolle is like translator, who is doing his job well. But it is for people to decide, what they should adore – The Eckhart Tolle or knowledge and information he gives.

I definitely suggest You to read his two books – “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”, because they really putting together whole picture. But do not forget, that benefit comes from knowledge only then, when we use it in action. Knowledge without action is worthless. So, ACT!

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