The bible is full of what are supposedly laws made by God but they are a fallacy. Laws are made for the World Order and the establishment brought about for power and control. Behind these are kings who implemented torture, sacrifice, death, and destruction against anyone who failed to obey their orders. In other words the pain of not complying was greater and more intolerable than that of falling in line and obeying as instructed.

The most powerful thing in man’s mind is money and thus the corruption that results from greed, jealousy, religious favouritism, and wars. These things are culminating in a world under stress and people dying in the thousands as we come to the end of what is called the day of the Lord in the Old Testament. But that is only the beginning of the end.

Memory of my reincarnation demonstrates how wrong men are and how widely corrupt is the establishment they depend on. The power behind it is heaven and hell yet no such places exist. There is the Great Spirit of the Universe that is in all places, people, and it alone is behind what is happening now and to come.

It requires no churches, or places of worship. It does not demand to be prayed to and hymns sung in services are an abomination. Christmas is an abhorrent and the adoration of false gods and the making of so-called saints is sheer folly. Instead of laws the Spirit left only prophecies and this one in particular:

“I am God and beside me there is no one else. There is no God beside me… I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil, I God do all these things.” Idaiah 45:4-8

As we enter the last days many are rethinking their commitment to religious dogma and are leaving the churches in droves. They are finding their spiritual link within which is the only place to find it. God speaks to us through our conscience and leads those who follow it out of danger and into safe havens. It is also called ‘instinct’ and that is the ability to see things clearly.

Religions are based on ‘faith’ and that is belief in the ridiculous without evidence. The best example of it is heaven and hell that have no presence. They cannot be seen, felt, touched, tasted, heard, or anything else and yet they dominate the world order. If one obeys the king then they go up while refusal to obey takes them down. It is the perfect trap.

God tests everyone and those with strength to ignore the dogma, to turn away from the noise of the world, and to follow that little voice within are the winners. They are coming away from the false gods because that is where the Spirit is guiding them. They are the inheritors of real power which involves healing, peace, and understanding beyond measure. To do that requires no man-made laws

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