Congrats! You’ve finally hit WoW level 85! Leveling your character to level 85 in WoW is a significant accomplishment. However, just because you have a WoW level 85 character doesn’t mean the game is over. In fact, the game is just beginning.

Hitting WoW level 85 is like graduating college and getting your first job in the real world. You’ve completed your courses. Now it’s time to put your newly acquired skills to the test. So if you just hit the level cap, and now wondering, “Now what?”, keep reading. There are plenty of things you can do once you reach WoW level 85.

1. Continue your quests– when you reach WoW level 85, completing quests will give you more gold rather than experience. If you keep questing, you’ll gain gold a lot faster as well as acquiring sweet new gear.

2. Get some nice gear– a brand new world of stats will become available to you when you reach WoW level 85. It’s crucial to get better gear so you can hold your own during instances. Max out your gem slots and think about enchanting whatever doesn’t get upgraded soon. Also, keep using the Auction House for upgrades.

3. Check out new specs– The talents which helped you gain levels may no longer be ideal for the new you at WoW level 85. Browse around and look at different specs to figure out which are ideal for your playing style.

4. Start flying– There are a bunch of things to do which require you to be able to fly. Get your flight paths and increase your air speed with a flying mount.

5. Learn to raid- Raiding is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a level 85 character in WoW Cataclysm. Before accept raid offers, figure out your role in your group and what is expected from you.

If you want to get accepted into a good raiding guild at WoW level 85, you must have solid gear. With the group finder, you should easily get a full set of epics. Gem and enchant everything. Also, put some thought into your application.

Also, ask yourself these questions before diving into the raid experience:

– Do I have time to spend at least 2 evenings/ week partaking in raids?

– Am I willing to purchase a repair bill of 100-140g for consumables on a regular basis?

– Do I really love my class and role and am I wiling to test the limits?

– Can I find a balance between doing what I want and doing what’s best for the group?

6. Join a good guild- Now that you are at WoW level 85, you have the options to join more guilds, including high level guilds. Keep in mind that you don’t have to join the largest guild, or an ultra exclusive guide. You wan to join a guide with people you like playing WoW with.

Reaching level 85 is a major milestone and unlocks a whole new world of possibilities. If you would to learn the fastest way to reach level 85, then check out the guides in the resources section.

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